Thursday, June 3, 2021

Plica Semilunaris

For the uninitiated, the plica semilunaris is the vestigial nictitating bulbar conjunctiva adjacent to the lacrimal caruncle at the medial canthus (obviously...), and is the main focus of today's video.  More info here.


  1. Holy shit this is cool!

  2. Just WOW absolutely brilliant 👏

  3. Hello master
    I have started learning blender by myself.
    Because it's my passion. When i watch your works, i recharge . Please tell us what's the best way to learn blende?
    And this is my youtube channel: afg spot light. I upload only my blender works.and first of all,i am focusing on modeling About a year to complete it, is it a good way? Your suggestions really help me alot. Please respond.i am waiting . Thank you master. Best wishes.

    1. The best way for me was to watch tutorials until I got the hang of the basics, read through the manual and take notes of things I expect to forget, and then start using it on actual projects. The latter quickly exposes deficiencies in the former, at which point it's back to the notes/tutorials to fill in the gaps. Rinse and repeat until it sticks.

      If you've been modelling for a year without losing interest and are still making progress, then I don't see any need to change what you're doing necessarily. It's worth checking the documentation/tutorials every so often though to make sure you're not falling into any bad habits.

  4. Thanks you master, i have read your words many times,good luck


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