Wednesday, May 20, 2020

A Snag

I've slightly bungled my self-imposed deadline by possibly not being clear enough about the actual week of release (it's this week), plus I realised at the last minute that the launch video could really do with a soundtrack on it… so let's give it another day or two to be safe.   In the mean time I've *secretly* updated the file on Gumroad, so customers don't have to wait… ;)

Stand by for the PROPER release!!


  1. Chris! Your work is incredible. I can’t believe you don’t have an Instagram page. Please, if you do have an account lemme know so I can follow you and get notified as soon as you post. You’re seriously inspiring and your skills are excellent. Have a nice day, hope you’re doing good and get ig soon ��

    1. Thanks Benlon, it's already a handful juggling YouTube, Twitter, Blender Artists, Gumroad and this blog, but if at some point Instagram becomes a more important outlet than any of those, I'll consider swapping one out (or preferably all of them!).


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