Friday, September 9, 2016

The Passenger is 10

A decade ago today The Passenger premiered at the Arclight in Hollywood, and while it might have been nice to mark the occasion with a 10th anniversary special edition stereoscopic UHD HDR HFR re-release, I decided to save myself the trouble and just lop $10* off the DVD for an indeterminate time instead.

That way I get to fritter away even more time trying to finish off this other... thing... that has devoured the better part of the last two years, rendering my website dormant in the process.

*This sale has now ended, but I've reduced the normal price by $5 (for another indeterminate time).


  1. Happy 10the anniversary for your short.
    One of my all time favorite Short, I treasure your The passenger DVD.. When i'm need of motivation i still read your "Making off" blog and see the Making off video in the dvd.. You are an awesome inspiration to many, keep up the great work.


  2. Hi Chris, what are you up to these days, looking forward to see more mind blowing stuff from you.

  3. "The Passenger"...Absolutely Brilliant! Great soundtrack as well...more please!

  4. I am seriously glad that you just replied to my message! thank you so much you just made my day! not gonna drag it more but I am happy!
    I couldn't find your email address, is my email address please can you drop me a "hi" to me if that's okay.

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  6. I purchased a DVD copy of your film years ago after seeing it online.

    Just wanted to let you know that my 3 year old daughter loves it and regular ask to watch "spooky fish".

    Great work!

  7. I'll continue to hope that there will be a BluRay or HD upload to YouTube..... this short Movie is a MASTERPIECE !

    Best wishes from germany.... =)


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