Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Multipurpose Person Version 1.0

Here's something I just whipped up over the past decade.  Well, I started it about a decade ago, but have been giving it some more attention recently.

I intend to continue refining and perfecting it indefinitely, for use as the basis for whatever humanoid characters I may need in the future.  In this instance I've given him an Anatomy Tools inspired makeover as a detail test for my newly revised 3D workflow.  It's a bit rough in places - that's what tests are all about.

Sculpted and textured in Sculptris, modelled and rendered in Lightwave, with some displacement baking help from Blender.  Some more details on the Sculptris forum.

If playback is choppy, try here.


  1. woooahh! Huge! You wrote that used the blender? hmm i working in blender now and i'm interesting where and using blender tools in this project.

  2. I have a project that these renderings could be used in. This is your area and not mine. I have a invention that could use a body to place it on and see how it moves on it. I don't know how possible this is but it's something that I'm interested in. Let me know your thoughts.

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