Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Art History: KKnD Krossfire

Now that that mess is out of the way (after yet another laborious cleanup... the infection wasn't contained after all), it's time to delve back into the archives and continue where we left off.

Here we have some promo stills from the opening cinematic of KKnD 2, on which I served as Lead Cinematic Artist while at Beam Software in 1997.  The whole intro can be found on YouTube without much effort.


  1. Wow! Probably is too late for that, but i love your work on this game! I played with 11 or 12 years and i though that's so cool!! But recently i've seen again and i though the same, the movement of the soldiers, bikes and other creatures is really awesome if you think about the year was made!
    I'm really happy to found your work, Chris and i hope you still working! :)

    1. Thanks! Glad to hear it still resonates with someone.

  2. Definitely ! Love both KKND games. I played those game when I was around 12yo as well :) Cheers


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