Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Art History: Boulder Planet

Scouts inspect strange markings during a surveyance expedition. Gouache I think, age 19-ish.


  1. Cool stuff, i like your drawing style.

    Also just watched your short film.... can't believe i never heard of it before. It makes me think of the cool intro movies pixar put before their movies. It made my day, i laughed so much in the 2 last scenes. Makes me want to pickup blender and do one myself. I don't have your background though so it would probably take me more like 16 years to get something even remotely as beautiful as this. I read through your blog archive, your christmas song was pretty awesome. EWQL looks amasing, it's price is too heh.

    Anyway, just thought i'd take the time to say thanks for sharing all that stuff, i'm sure it gives inspiration to a lot of people. I know it gives me plenty.

    You working on anything lately?

    Take care and keep sharing! :)


  2. Thanks Kemeros, I do have a couple of things in the works, but I'm keeping them to myself until I'm sure I can finish at least one of them.

    Alright you've pried it out of me... one is a music project, the other might be a film of some sort but it's too early to tell.


  3. Hello again.

    I'm looking foward to see those projects when they're done :)


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