Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another MIAF Screening

Missed one! Teen Program 2 - Friday 20 June, 4:00pm acmi cinema 1. Keep your eyes peeled, there might be more.


  1. Hey Chris!
    Congrats on winning Best Aussie Film at miaf 08. I personally (and from the reaction of others within earshot) reckon you should have knocked off Tutli Putli for best film.

    It's been inspirational to see it on the big screen and even more so to read your production diary follies. You might just get me off my arse to show people the films in my head :)

    Congrats again, well done and thanks for keeping and sharing the faith.

  2. Thanks Carlo! I didn't make it to any of the screenings and haven't heard anything from the festival, so if it wasn't for these eyewitness reports I'd be none the wiser.

    Perhaps this will help extract those headridden films:


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