Thursday, May 1, 2008

1st Post Of The Year!

And it's only May! I better slow down before the whole internet clogs up with my blog.

Just thought I'd better point out that I do in fact still exist, and have been busy on another external project which has kept my own projects dormant long enough for the Desktop Cleanup Wizard to pop up and try to persuade me to put my shortcuts in the bin. Little does Mr Cleanup know, I've been opening the files from their original locations and chipping away at them from there. Take that, Wizard of Desktop Cleanliness!

So what this means is that while progress on the DVD is now moving even slower, I'll actually be able to afford to put it into production... just in time for holocube players to come out! Hooray for progress!


  1. Hooray! Glad you are back on the blog.

    Your dvd might come out by the time I can afford one of these...

  2. Dude... Why don't you put it on iTunes... Find a way to get with one of those companies that will get in on there for you and sell it....For 1.99 or something like that... save so much on replication and distribution... you will have it right there where everybody can easily purchase..and if you want people to have the art work.. you can put a PDF on the store too..add it as a part of the download... I mean.. DVD is hard enough as it already told us the making of part (unless you plan to unleash some new videos or something) So now we would love to see the film.. well thats my 2 pennies


  3. Hi Darrin, thanks for the pennies!

    I was offered this option a year or so ago, but the company affiliated with iTunes never sent me anything to read over so I could see if it was a good deal or not - which suggests to me that it wasn't. Also, iTunes videos aren't available in a lot of places (Australia being one of them), unless that's changed since I last looked. I'm continuing to investigate download options (albeit really really slowly, for reasons mentioned above). DVD appears to be the most viable at this point in time though.

    Alright, you've pried it out of me - the probability of the likelyhood that there will be a possibility of additional video material is distinctly plausible...

  4. Good to hear you're still alive and kicking! ;-)

    BTW, have you checked out You can setup a store that is taken care of for you, and is print/ship on demand. Can't wait to finally see your work!

  5. Thanks Chris, don't think I've seen that one - looks interesting. I'll have to peruse it more carefully when distribution draws near.

    Dylan - I apologise on behalf of the Wordpress spam filter, which clearly has no appreciation for expensive tasteless gizmos, and had therefore relegated your post to the rubbish bin. I on the other hand applaud such tackiness, and will be there to christen it the day it arrives with the first Passenger DVD off the press! And I don't doubt that you would get such a thing ;)

  6. Well I wish you the best whatever option you choose..... But there has got to be a way to get a downloaded option...well I suppose you have a deal for replication... how much would the DVD be and can I get it in the US?? well have a great one


  7. Thanks Darrin. Not exactly sure about the distribution plan or pricing just yet, but I do have a couple of ideas. I'm trying to refrain from divulging until I know for certain...

  8. Hi Chris,

    well i have to admire you patience your perseverance and your work.

    I really like that fact that you have not given up, nor have you given in.

    And after all the trails and tribulations ... you made it.

    So often you read forums people and 3d users are whining about this and that, not trying or learning. Never in the 8 year history, and i read it all, did i hear you whine, nor ever doubt that you'd eventually make it.

    And as any action hero (with or without goldfish friends) winners don't whine.

    In my book, and i think many other peoples too...that makes you a winner.

    Well done.



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