Friday, August 10, 2007

The Passenger Heads Back to Bendigo

This is a bit last minute, but La Trobe University's Animation Media Arts Festival will be presenting The Passenger in Bendigo on Saturday 11th of August. Small auditorium - limited seats - get in fast!

Dont expect to see me there though, I've got the flu and am preoccupied with copious amounts of ... ooze.


  1. Nice, work Chris!

    Everyone has the flu!! :(

  2. Hey Chris,

    just stumbled on your teaser for the Passenger, It looked fantastic, even before I realised it was all a ONE MAN JOB. Crazy. Very inspiring stuff Chris, you must have really loved the whole concept to have kept yourself going on this project.. Can't wait to get the opportunity to see this...

    Keep it up man and get over your flu fast.. No rest for the wicked or the animator..

    Slán anios a cara

  3. Hey Dylan, I see you've resurrected your website. Like it! I have plenty of flu left to share if you'd like some.

    Thanks John :) Actually it wasn't so much the love of the concept, but the humiliation I would have had to endure if I didn't finish...

    And now a poem.
    The flu makes me feel blu.
    The end.

  4. Chris, is this available to download ANYWHERE? Man, I got to see it over July 4th weekend at a random camping trip I went on, and spent the last hour searching for the name of this short (kinda forgot about it). IT WAS AMAZING! Nothing else can be said. I wanted to show my girlfriend and nephew, but am realizing it's not really out there to watch..? :(

    Flight of the Conchords is pretty funny though, yes? :)

  5. Thanks Brad, it's not watchable online anywhere at the moment - I have been considering the possibility of this later on though. In the mean time, why not entertain your girlfriend and nephew by interpreting the film through pantomime..? Careful you don't injure yourself during the third act though.

    FotC = yep!


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