Thursday, May 3, 2007


Feel like you're not getting enough reading satisfaction here? Then head on over to Reader's Voice where I yabber on about The Passenger, as well as some books I've read.

Still haven't had enough? Then continue on to Animwatch for more waffling by me. Too blind / uneducated / dyslexic / lazy to read? Then listen to it being read FOR you on the Animwatch podcast (that's not me doing the reading by the way, it's some other bloke).

If you still want more, there are a couple of (rather positive) reviews out there, but they're a tad too spoilerific for me to be endorsing here for now. If you really must deprive yourself of an undefiled viewing experience (assuming I ever figure out how to make it more accessibly viewable...) you'll have to go and hunt them down yourself!

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