Friday, May 25, 2007


The Passenger rarely makes film festival outings. Why? Well generally I've found the hassle and expense to outweigh the gain, so therefore I decided to limit its screenings to only those festivals that can take care of the burden for me.

The Kratkofil International Short Film Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina is one such festival, and consequently they will be screening the film in Banja Luka around the 7th-10th of June. Keep an eye on their site for the screening schedule. In an effort to liven the place up a bit, I'm also going to try inserting pictures into my posts from now on, and thus I present to you the Kratkofil logo/mascot/thing!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hands up who wants a Passenger DVD

Now don't get excited, I'm not handing them out. I don't even have any made yet - and that's where you come in. If you're interested in buying such a thing, you might like to vote in the little poll thingy on the right so I can get a vague idea of numbers.

The "I can play either" option is supposed to simplify things in the event that I can only afford to make one format. So check that if you can play both PAL and NTSC.

Thanks for participating!

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Welcome to the murky greenish grey of WEBSITE MK II. The old one wasn't much fun to maintain and I needed a front end that would allow for expansion into other less "Passengery" things. Consequently it's got more buttony thingamabobs, searchy whatchamacallits, RSS dooverlackies and other high tech ...stuff.

Don't be alarmed though, The Passenger is still high priority and the original pages are still mostly intact and viewable by clicking on the image above. They took me ages to do (believe it or not) and I'm not about to go dragging all my good work into the recycle bin. Besides, I don't know how to do those spooky glowy buttons and things in here.

The site is somewhat empty (again) for now, so consider this a replacement for what was previously known as "Newsy Bloggy Thing" until I've come up with some material to populate its pages.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Feel like you're not getting enough reading satisfaction here? Then head on over to Reader's Voice where I yabber on about The Passenger, as well as some books I've read.

Still haven't had enough? Then continue on to Animwatch for more waffling by me. Too blind / uneducated / dyslexic / lazy to read? Then listen to it being read FOR you on the Animwatch podcast (that's not me doing the reading by the way, it's some other bloke).

If you still want more, there are a couple of (rather positive) reviews out there, but they're a tad too spoilerific for me to be endorsing here for now. If you really must deprive yourself of an undefiled viewing experience (assuming I ever figure out how to make it more accessibly viewable...) you'll have to go and hunt them down yourself!