Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Where Can I See It?

I am frequently asked where The Passenger can be seen/bought/downloaded. Isn't it enough that I made it, now you want to SEE it as well?? The only way at present, other than to catch it at the Oscar shorts screenings, is to come and watch it in my bedroom. That may be a bit inconvenient for some, so I've come up with a better solution: I'm making another copy for the loungeroom.

In case for some reason you can't make it to my lounge room either, I've been considering one or all of the following options:

1. Paid download

2. Free download with advertising

3. DVD

4. Worldwide theatrical release.

Number 4 is unlikely. 1 and/or 2 are possible, and 3 is probable either way but will take some time to assemble (bonus materials, authoring, distribution...). So when I've sorted out the logistics of all this I'll notify the Queen and she can deliver the message to the world. Or I could just post it here somewhere.


  1. 2. Free download with advertising

    only watch ^^ its great animation
    its nice the trailer

    sucess for you

  2. hi have just bought the Shorts 2006 oscar nomination dvd from amazon which has the passenger on it and have been able to watch it once - it is fabulous. However, i know nothing about dvd regions and it seems the dvd is region 1 and I am region 2 here in the UK. I can't watch it more than a couple more times before I get locked out, or something. I want to show it to friends next weekend. You probably can't help me but thought I would share my frustration at finding something so lovely and having it denied to me almost immediately......

  3. Hi Ruth, since I'm not affiliated with the Oscar Shorts DVD (and I don't get paid a cent for it either :( ) I'm afraid I can't help you there - except to say that my FAR SUPERIOR DVD will almost certainly be region free, so you might want to wait for that. Otherwise, you'll probably need to upgrade or hack your DVD player to make it region free.

  4. could you please also make a downloadeable version of the dvd? I prefer files on hd than dvd's that I loose way to easely :) and also I live in the Netherlands, so shipping eehhhh :<


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